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3 tips to style your room

When it comes to design, we are always in search of new and innovative ways to improve what is given. This opens to new an creative methods to revamp your space.

Color Palate

Choosing the color of the space is quite important. why? cuz it'll show the essence and feel of the space. My 2 favorite types of color scheme are monochrome and High contrast.

  • To exhibit a luxurious space use High contrast, this sets levels of depth with in the space and makes it look sophisticated.

  • To have a minimalistic look go with the monochromatic scheme. This puts different pieces of accessories or textures under one tone and unclutters the space.


Accessorizing your room is crucial to tie the look together. Accessories bridge the gap between two elements in a space.

  • Use smart accessorizes. Never get something only for face value, this will end up being redundant.

  • Pick out accessories that brings life to your space.

  • Have fun with exaggerating art pieces. Like an over sized Painting for a blank wall.


Add a little bit of you in your space.

  • Do a DIY art project .

  • Revamp something you own into your theme

  • Show your personality off with a bold wallpaper.

Remember styling your space takes time, curating the pieces may take years , So just enjoy the fresh look and try to give it a new whip now and then.


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